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School Partners

W7 Cluster
River Valley High School belongs to the West 7 Cluster. The Cluster system was introduced by the Singapore Ministry of Education to facilitate greater communication and collaboration among schools within the vicinity. Led by a Cluster Superintendent, the cluster schools are also kept informed of policy matters pertaining to education through monthly meetings.

Other benefits include greater financial support, wider choices in training programmes for staff and pupils, and more scope for interaction with other schools.

School Advisory Committee
The School Advisory Committee (SAC) comprises members from the private and public sector who are committed to education and want to serve as advisors to the school community. RV's SAC has continued to give its unflagging support to the school in terms of financial assistance to pupils, encouragement and support to staff and sponsorship of prizes for pupils' achievements.

School Alumni
Another vital support group is the School Alumni where members have been generous in its sponsorship of pupils in need of financial assistance. The School Alumni, drawing on their wide networks of former pupils, helped to organise talks and writers' series for the school community and provide a liaison between the former pupils and the School.

Parent-Teacher Association
River Valley High School PTA plays an active role in fostering close ties between the school and its members. Besides organising parenting talks and seminars for parents, the PTA is also involved in many of the school's programme. With a continuous enrolment of parent members every year, RVHS PTA is able to provide much valuable support to both parents and the school. More information on PTA is available here.