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School and Academic

‘Water is Life’ International Conference 2016 held in Amsterdam, NetherlandsGold medal (‘Communities and Education’ category) 
Andrea Tan Li Yao (Year 5)
Ng Ying Yi Jewel (Year 5)
Linda Lin @ Win Lei New (Year 5)
Chan Tze Cheng Tricia (Year 5)
6th Shanghai International Youth Science and Technology Expo 2016

"Science & Technology Stars of Tomorrow" Invitational Tournament

held in Shanghai, China
Five students and two teachers from our school were invited by the organising committee of the 6th SIYST Expo to participate in the exhibition and competition.

Organising Committee Award – Use of Active Learning with Integration of ICT in Teaching and Learning of Science (Physics): Miss Kok Hui Ching

1st placing and “The Most Popular Project” Prize:
Wang Shixian (Year 5)
Zhang Yixing (Year 5)

2nd placing:
Nobel Ang (Year 5)

3rd placing:
Liew Kai Yi (Year 3)
Nicholas Goh Jun Xian (Year 3)

Singapore Science and Engineering Fair
Gold Award
Chow Kit Mun (Year 5)
Kit Mun has been selected by MOE to represent Singapore in Intel TM International Science & Engineering Fair at Phoenix, Arizona, USA in May 2016

Silver & Special Awards  (The Chapter of Clinician Scientists Award):
Chong Shu Chen (Year 6)
Koo Fang Ru (Year 6)
Kendy Chan Gui Fang (Year 6)
Silver Awards
Individual: Tan Chern Heng (Year 6)
Team: Chen Yijia, Yuan Yutong (Year 6)

Bronze Awards (Individual)
Tan Yi Shiuan (Year 5)
Christopher Goh Zhen Fung (Year 6)

Merit Awards (Team)
(i) Teo Chong Boon, Wu Duoduo (Year 6)
(ii) Li Qin Hui, Lee Derick, Yu Siyue (Year 6)
(iii) Wai Sin Yee, Ng Kwok Wing, Zhou Ziqi (Year 5)

Special Awards (School-based Projects) & Special Award (Best Poster)
Goh Cheng Wei Benjamin (Year 5)
Ji Yuxuan (Year 5)

Special Awards (School-based Projects)
Tho Jia Yi (Year 5)
Sie Kim Ee Chloe (Year 5)
International Invitational Chinese Debate Competition Champion (Senior High Team)
Yuan Yutong (Year 6), Chen Beiqi (Year 6), Lim Ying Hui (Year 5), Huang Li Jing (Year 5), Jia Shengzhi (Year 5), and Wang Shixian (Year 5)

3rd Placing (Junior High Team)
Chai Li Xian (Year 4), Xu Jiani (Year 4), Li Yuqian (Year 4), Xie Yu Xuan (Year 4), Chen Jiarui (Year 3), and Luo Tianhong (Year 3)
Singapore Biology Olympiad Merit Award
Koh Wern Xing (Year 6)
Singapore Chemistry Olympiad Bronze Medal
Wang Kaiwen (Year 6) 
Singapore Physics Olympiad
Bronze Medal
Li Yezhou (Year 6)
Singapore Young Physicists' Tournament Team (Secondary School)
Commendation Award

Team (Junior College)
Both teams received Commendation Awards
Singapore 19th National Olympiad in Informatics (organised by NUS) Bronze Award
Li Yezhou (Year 6)
American Mathematics CompetitionsAMC12 - Certificate of Distinction & American Invitational Mathematics Examination (Top 5%)
Ji Yuxuan (Year 5)
Lau De Xing (Year 6)
Ju Yuting (Year 6) 
NUS Geography Challenge 2016     Silver Medal
Quek Yi Yuan Sharlene (Year 4)

Bronze Medal
Ng Li Xin (Year 4)
Tan Wan Yun (Year 4)
Bee and Bowl History Championships History Bowl Qualifying Team for Regional Championship in Phuket (Team)
Deng Jia Xuan (Year 2), Chong Pin Shin (Year 2), Vernice Chua (Year 3), and Lu Yixin (Year 4)

Overall 2nd (Middle School Bee)
Jonathan Lim (Year 2)

Overall 3rd (Junior Varsity Bee)
Lu Yixin (Year 4) 
Green Wave Environmental Care Competition (Secondary School Category) 2nd Placing (Team) : Tan Jia Yuan Janet (Year 5), Zhu Ke Ying (Year 5), Chua Micaiah (Year 5), Lau Su Jun (Year 5), Reen Ho Wan Li (Year 5), and Chen Xinyi (Year 5)
Anglo-Chinese Junior College International Biomedical Quiz Individual (Upper Secondary)
1 Gold, 2 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals

Individual (Junior College)
2 Bronze Medals

Team (Junior College)
3rd Runner-up
Anglo-Chinese Junior College International C. B. Paul Science Quiz Individual (Secondary)
1 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze Medals 
MOE-ACJC Intercollegiate Debating Competition2nd (Team)
Singapore Space Challenge Team (Space & Medical Science Category)
1st Runner-up 
National iTrail Challenge 3rd (Team)
Nationale–Nederlanden (NN)-Junior Achievement Social Innovation RelayChampions (National Finals):
Li Yezhou (Year 6)
Zhou Ziqi (Year 5)
Zhou Zirui (Year 5)

Second Runner-Up (Global Finals):
Li Yezhou (Year 6) 
Zhou Ziqi (Year 5) 
Zhou Zirui (Year 5) 
SMU Youth Innovation Challenge 20162nd Runner-Up (JC and ITE Category):
Li Yezhou, Wang Kaiwen, Lin Ziwei (Year 6),
Su Zifeng, Lee Jayin (Year 5) 

IE Singapore Internationalisation Award:
Li Yezhou, Wang Kaiwen, Lin Ziwei (Year 6), 
Su Zifeng, Lee Jayin (Year 5)  
National Institute of Education Management & Leadership in Schools (MLS) Programme Dr J. M. Nathan Memorial Prize for Curriculum Project awarded to team which demonstrated highest level of standard in their MLS curriculum project

Mr Chow Ban Hoe, Head of Department (Science Research & Talent Development)
Design and Technology (D&T) Educators Society: D&T Award Competition Creative Adaptation Award  
Dana Ong Zi Yi (Year 2)
Koh Si Min Kara (Year 2)
Leow Qi Xuan Felicia (Year 2)
Planning a Clean and Green Township: The Young Mayor/Leader Competition 1st Runner-up
Gan Jia Hui, Lau Su Jun, Heng Jie Min, Jong Ching Yee, Chen Ru Ting Jaslyn, Andrea Tan Li Yao (Year 5)
NUS Geosphere Essay Writing Competition Best Essay Submission
Tasha Yip Shuen Wen (Year 6)

Honourable Mention 
Lim Hui Yi Jayne (Year 6)

Co-Curricular Activities

Girl Guides 2015 President's Guide Award          
Bernice Lim Si Min (Year 4) 

2015 Puan Noor Aishah Honour Award 
Gold Award

Baden Powell Award
Zhang Linli (Year 4)
Cheryl Koh Shi Hua (Year 4)
Chow Yun Hui Dilys (Year 4)
National Cadet Corps Best Unit Competition
Gold Award

International Cadet Exchange Programme in Sussex, UK
Loo Jia Wei (Year 3)
Bai Hong Yeou (Year 3)
Two of our NCC cadets have been selected to represent Singapore in this exchange programme from 13 to 26 August.

National Cadet Corps Outstanding Cadet Award 2016
Master Sergeant Chen Zuo Hui (4G)
Master Sergeant Zoe Ang Jia Wei (4J)
Of the 15 recipients, RV NCC is the only school with two award recipients who are from the boys and girls units. 
National Police Cadet Corps Singapore Police Force - NPCC Badge
(Pinnacle badge of NPCC)
Alyssa Phua Sze Ying (Year 4)
Shaun Ang Qiao Rou (Year 4)
Sim Zi Yang (Year 4)

Alyssa was also selected as the Valedictorian (representing the 162 recipients), delivering an inspiring speech. Alyssa received praises from the Commissioner of Police and Chairman of the NPCC Council.

Best Unit Competition
Silver Award
St John BrigadeBest Unit Competition
Gold Award

Nursing Cadet (Team)

Nursing Adult (Team)

Ambulance (Team)
National Inter-Schools Softball Championships 1st (A Division Girls)
National Inter-Schools Wushu Championships Overall 2nd (A Division Boys)
Overall 3rd (A Division Girls)
Overall 4th (C Division Girls)

In the individual categories, our students clinched 
8 Golds, 6 Silvers, 11 Bronzes and 14 4th Placings
National Inter-Schools Badminton Championships 2nd (A Division Boys)
2nd (A Division Girls)
4th (B Division Girls) 
National Inter-Schools Table Tennis Championships 4th (A Division Boys) 
National Inter-Schools Netball Championships4th (A Division Girls) 
West Zone Badminton Championships 1st (B Division Boys)
1st (B Division Girls)
2nd (C Division Girls)
3rd (C Divisions Boys)
West Zone Netball Championships 3rd (B Division Girls)
West Zone Table Tennis Championships 3rd (B Division Boys)
3rd (B Division Girls)
3rd (C Division Girls)
4th (C Division Boys)
West Area Bowling Challenge 2nd (Inter-Unit and Inter-Team challenge):
Lim Shiu Xin Gregg (Year 4), 5th (individual category)
Tang Zong Hao (Year 4), 3rd (individual category)
Sammi Ong Xue Ying (Year 3) Luo Rui, Russell (Year 2) Tan Liang Heuk (Year 1)
Drama (Chinese) Accomplishment Award
Drama (English) Distinction Award
National Chinese Calligraphy Competition 1st Prize
Lek Kai Jun (Year 2)
8th National Youth Chinese Calligraphy Competition 1st Prize (Secondary Schools): Mao Ruijie (Year 1)
Merit Prize (Secondary Schools): Lek Kai Jun (Year 2)
Merit Prize (Junior Colleges): Ngoh Jia Hui (Year 6)
Yew Tee National Chinese Calligraphy Competition 1st Prize (Secondary Schools): Mao Ruijie (Year 1)
2nd Prize (Secondary Schools): Loke Mei Qi Jessica (Year 2)
2nd Prize (Junior Colleges): Wang Kaiwen (Year 6)
Merit Prize (Secondary Schools): Lek Kai Jun (Year 2)
新加坡全国中学生华文文艺营写作比赛冠军: 卓展廷 (Year 4) 
第六届全国毛笔与硬笔书法大赛 冠军: 陆楷俊 (Year 2) 
"翰墨笔香迎国庆"中小学生书法比赛冠军: 陆楷俊 (Year 2) 
"墨墨传情"全国书法大赛 亚军: 毛瑞杰 (Year 1) 

Outstanding RVians

Harvard Model United Nations Commendation Award
(in a field of 3000 participants)

Eden Chua (Year 5)
MOE Overseas Student Attachment Programmes Centre of Excellence in Education Summer Programme in MIT, Boston, USA
Lim Yuhua (Year 5)

International Summer School for Young Physicists, Perimeter Institute, Canada
Daryl Tai (Year 5)

XLAB International Science Camp, Gottingen, Germany
Chia Guole Eugene (Year 5)
Stefan Liew Jing Rui (Year 5)

Stanley Ho Astronautics Training Foundation Aerospace Summer Camp
Chen Ru Ting Jaslyn (Year 5)
Jaslyn was invited by MOE to take part in an international aerospace summer camp which will be held in Beijing, China.
27th National Service Learning Conference
(held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
Wong Jia Ying (Year 5) and Koh Xin Yi (Year 5) represented the school to share RV's annual Y.LEAD seminar with the US conference participants.
Third Language Student Exchange Programme (in Hamamatsu, Japan)Heather Ye Tint (Year 3)
Yong Chuen Shin (Year 3)
Tan Hui En Zoe (Year 4)
Singapore Armed Forces Young Leader AwardPearlwin Koh En Qi (Year 6) 
Singapore Police Force Book PrizeTeo Chong Boon (Year 6)
Yang Run Ze (Year 6)
Land Transport Authority Book PrizeTan Chern Heng (Year 6) 
2016 Agency for Science & Technology Research (A*STAR) Science Award (Upper Secondary) Choi Tong En (Year 3)
Li Jiangrong (Year 3)
Pang Kai Lin (Year 3)
Sun Baizhen (Year 3)

Lim Yuhua (Year 5)
Tan Yi Shiuan (Year 5)
2016 Young Defence Scientists Programme (YDSP) Scholarship Lim Xin Yi (Year 3)
Pang Kai Lin (Year 3)
Tan Wee Leng (Year 3)
Ng Shi Qing (Year 3)
2016 Young Defence Scientists Programme (YDSP) Academic Award For Mathematics
Chiau Ren Dao (Year 4)
Chia Guole Eugene (Year 5)
Chew Wei Sheng (Year 6)
Lim Li Ying (Graduating class of 2015)

For Physics
Neoh Tzeh Yuan (Year 4)
Branden Chua Qi Yu (Year 5)
Tan Chern Heng (Year 6)
Tseng Fan Shuen (Graduating class of 2015)
Young Defence Scientists Programme Science & Technology Camp Competition1st Runner Up
Lim Guan Mao Daven (Year 4)
Fu Shun Long Winston (Year 4)

2nd Runner Up
Lim Xin Yi (Year 3)
Tan Wee Leng (Year 3)
Lin Zitian Vivian (Year 3)
Defence Science & Technology Agency Junior College ScholarshipDaryl Tai (Year 5)
Tan Yi Shiuan (Year 5) 
教育部特别辅助计划奖学金中学: 袁子仪、 李忆欣、 林敏琪、 刘奕璇、 白宁萱、 孙雯桢、 童乙致、 李欣融、 黄 艳、 杨安妮、 毛禹迪、 蒋欣彤、 黄山珊、 梁诗惠、 陈彦蓁 (Year 3)

高中: 林映慧、 黄培莹、 许馨泥 (Year 5)
Creative Arts SeminarDeng Jia Xuan (Year 2) was selected by MOE to participate in the seminar (Secondary Schools)

Hong Zhengyi (Year 5) and Yeong Ying Xue (Year 5) were selected by MOE to participate in the seminar (Junior Colleges)