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2017 GCE A-Level Results

1.     River Valley High School’s Integrated Programme graduates have maintained the 62-year old institution’s tradition of exemplifying academic excellence in the GCE A-Level Examination. Of the school’s cohort of 399 students who were enrolled in the single track six-year programme, 22 students obtained 7 or more distinctions and 68 students scored 6 or more distinctions.

Principal Mrs Teo Khin Hiang with our top scorers from the class of 2017
Principal Mrs Teo Khin Hiang with our top scorers from the class of 2017

2.     We would like to congratulate our graduates on the following achievements:
      • 68 (17%) of the cohort obtained 6 or more distinctions
      • 21.1% (84) of the students who offered 4 H2 subjects achieved 4 H2 distinctions
      • 37.6% of the cohort achieved at least 3 H2 distinctions
      • 98.3% of the cohort scored at least 3H2 + GP Pass
      • 99.6% of the students who offered 4H2 subjects scored at least 4H2 + GP Pass
      • 28 (7%) students attained a perfect score of 90 rank points
      • 184 (46.1%) students attained a score between 85 and 90 rank points
      • 46 (11.5%) students scored 6 distinctions
      • 22 (5.5%) students scored 7 or more distinctions
3.     The school would like to thank and acknowledge everyone who has contributed to the success of our graduates. They include the following:
      • Principal and Vice Principals
      • Staff, past and present, who have taught or assisted the students
      • School Advisory Committee
      • Alumni
      • Parent-Teacher Association
      • Parents of all the RVHS graduates
4.     Below are some of the achievements of our students from the class of 2017.


Stefan Liew Jing Rui

  • President of the Student Council (2016-2017) stefan liew - small.jpg
  • Science Leaders Academy - research project under the Science Mentorship Programme: Distinction at the Youth Science Conference 2015 and the GlaxoSmithKline Sustainability Researcher Merit Award.
  • MOE Overseas Student Attachment Programme in Gottingen, Germany.  
  • Director of the 2017 WZCOE Science Enrichment Camp for Primary 5 and 6 students and School Ambassador for the Outreach team 
  • Chairperson of the Year 5 Initiation Camp 2017 
  • Vice-Chairperson of the Youth Leverage Educate Actuate Develop Seminar 2016 
  • Programme Head of the SG50 Celebrations in RV

Eugene Chia Guole

  • President of the Science Leaders Academy eugene chia - small.jpg
  • President of the English Literary, Drama and Debate Society in 2015 and 2016 
  • Director of the 2017 Junior Science Whiz Challenge
  • Recipient of the Singapore Police Force Book Prize MOE Overseas Student Attachment Programme in Gottingen, Germany 
  • Won a Silver medal in the 2015 Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad  
  • Participated in the 2016 Nanyang Research Programme (NRP) and under the mentorship of a professor from the National Institute of Education, he completed a year-long research project on Environmental Chemistry. 
  • Offered a place in Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University, to read Natural Sciences (Chemistry) 
  • Member of the Humanities and Social Sciences Leaders Academy

Lim Yuhua

  • Vice-President of the Science Leaders Academy lim yuhua - small.jpg
  • Vice-Director of the Junior Science Whiz Challenge 
  • Offered a place in King’s College, Cambridge University, to read Natural Sciences (Biology)
  • Science Research as a H3 subject: Conducted an oncology research project at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, A*STAR 
  • Represented Singapore at a six-week research attachment programme, Research Science Institute, MIT 
  • Top 5 written presentations for her research paper  
  • Team leader of a Green Chemistry project at the Singapore Science Centre under the Science Mentorship Programme
  • Distinction at the 21st Youth Science Conference and a Merit for the Sustainability Researcher Award by GlaxoSmithKline 
  • Presented the project at the GSK-Singapore Partnership Green & Sustainable Manufacturing Symposium and the 8th International Science Youth Forum
  • Member of the Humanities and Social Sciences Leaders’ Academy
  • Editor of the RVHS Student Editorial Club’s online magazine
  • Her works have been published in the Literary Society’s online magazine, Symbal
  • Champion in the Words Go Round Blackout Poetry competition
  • Creative Writing Competition: 2nd Prize for Prose in 2017 and an Honourable Mention for Poetry in 2016 and 2017

Bernice Lim Si Min

  • Recipient of the President’s Guide Award 2016 bernice lim - small.jpg
  • Assistant Company Leader for Planning from 2014 to 2015 
  • Research programme under The Eco-Sustainability Leaders Academy from 2015 to 2016
  • Her team was selected to present at the Water Is Life Conference 2016, held at Maurick College, The Netherlands
  • Member of the Humanities and Social Sciences Leaders Academy (HSSLA) in 2015 
  • Member of the River Valley Photography Club 
  • Volunteered at the Tiong Bahru Community Centre (TBCC) Youth Executive Committee (YEC) since 2013 
  • Conceived and implemented the Youths Give Back! 2016, a project aimed at encouraging youths to actively include migrant workers into our society

Christine Ow Zhining

  • National Champion in the 2017 PESA Competitionchristine ow - small.jpg
  • Top 7 in the 2016 national PESA competition
  • Member of the History and Social Science Leaders Academy and the History Talent Development Programme
  • 3rd in the National i-Trails Challenge Curated a travelling exhibition about the late Mr Lim Nee Soon
  • Attended the 43rd Annual Yale Model United Nations Conference held in Yale University 
  • Deputy Secretary General for Conference for RVMUN 2017 
  • Secretary for the History and Current Affairs Society (HACAS) 
  • Writer and editor of her CCA’s “The Historian” magazine 
  • Leader of a community peer tutoring initiative to cater to low performing students in her community via the Youth Executive Committee (YEC) in 2017

Lincoln Too Xin Da

  • Vice-Captain of the school’s pioneer batch of male Softball playerslincoln too - small.jpg
  • Trained with the national youth softball team
  • Member of the Mathematics Leaders Academy
  • Participated in Physics and Computer camps
  • Participated actively in VIA activities

Tan Xin Wei

  • Recipient of the Special Assistance Plan Scholarshiptan xin wei - small.jpg
  • Offered Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the H3 level for the Cambridge General Certificate of Education Advanced Level Examination
  • Public Deputy Head of the school’s St. John Ambulance Brigade
  • Received the prestigious Chief Commissioner Award
  • Best Trainee during the Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Training Course in 2013
  • Organising committee member of the Y.LEAD Seminar 
  • Moderator and translator for the dialogue sessions, and Facilitator during the Y.LEAD Seminar 
  • Organising committee member for the Year 6 Graduation Ceremony 
  • Participated actively in VIA activities