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2019 GCE A-Level Results

Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

1.     River Valley High School’s Integrated Programme graduates have maintained the 64-year old institution’s tradition of exemplifying academic excellence in the 2019 GCE A-Level Examination. Of the school’s cohort of 379 students who were enrolled in the single track six-year programme, 22 students obtained 7 or more distinctions and 67 students scored 6 or more distinctions.

2.  We would like to congratulate our graduates on the following achievements:

o   36.92% of the cohort achieved at least 3 H2 distinctions

o   98.4% of the cohort scored at least 3H2 + GP Pass   

o   99.2% of 4H2 students attained at least 4H2 + GP Pass

o   28 students attained a perfect score of 90 rank points 

o   43.3% of the cohort attained a score between 85 and 90 rank points  


3.     The school would like to thank and acknowledge everyone who has contributed to the success of our graduates. They include the following:

o   Principal and Vice-Principals

o   Staff, past and present, who have taught or assisted the students

o   School Advisory Committee

o   Alumni

o   Parent-Teacher Association

o   Parents/Guardians of all RVHS graduates


4.     Below are the achievements of some of our students from the class of 2019.

Kenneth Kwan Yu Heng

  • President of the Students’ Council
    • Chairperson of Junior High Council (2017-2018)
    • JC1 Orientation Orientation Group Leader Committee Head (2019)
    • Planned key events such as Sec 1 Orientation, Leadership Development Camp, RV63
    • Organised leadership camps
    • Led in these initiatives: RV63 Medley and 立化忆 from the 2019 graduating batch
    • Led Focused Group Discussions to enhance the JC1 Orientation programme for better integration of JAE students
  • Silver Award in the Singapore Science and Engineering Fair 2017
  • Moderator for BSP Symposium in 2017
  • Co-host for the Channel 8 Television Series “Tuesday Report: The School Bell Rings” 
  • Y.LEAD 2018 Vice Chairperson
  • Captain of Wushu team (2016-2017)
   - A Division Boys Overall 4th (2018 and 2019)
  • Actively volunteered as a case interviewer and writer at the Boon Lay Meet the People Sessions (MPS) since 2017

Lim Ren Jie

  • Student Councillor
    • Chairperson of the 41st Junior College Students’ Council elections, Vice-Chairperson of Prom Night 2018, came up with the One  Minute No Limits initiative
    • Committee Head in 2018 ReVel Fest
    • Video editor for RV63 medley 
  • Committee Head in 2018 Y.LEAD SeminarRecipient of MOE Pre-University Scholarship in 2018 and Edusave Character Award in 2019
  • Pre-University Seminar 2018 facilitator
  • Science Mentorship Programme 2017:  Distinction at the Youth Science Conference 2017
  • Silver Award in 2018 Nanyang Research Programme
  • Student Facilitator of #startathon Junior and West Zone Junior Science Whiz Challenge 2018 & 2019

Ian Lee Hwee Liang

  • Valedictorian for Class of 2019
  • Exco member of Students’ Council 2019
    • Chairperson of Senior High Council 2019
    • Vice-Committee Head of Facilitator for Orientation 2019
    • Chairperson of Prom 2018
  • 2018 Y.LEAD Learning Journey Committee Head
  • Merit Award for Singapore Science Engineering Fair
  • NUS-Yale Special Award for Singapore Science Engineering Fair
  • Facilitator of 2018 Pre-University Seminar
  • Captain of Volleyball team (2017)
  • Tutored underprivileged kids at Bukit Timah Community Centre

Jasrene Hor

  • Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Young Leaders Award 2019
  • Singapore Police Force Book Prize 2019
  • Pre-University Scholarship 2018
  • Vice President of Mathematics Leaders Academy
  • Awarded a Silver for the Nanyang Research Programme (NRP) 2019 and her work was showcased at the NRP Symposium
  • International Mathematics Modelling Challenge 2018
    • Singapore round: High Distinction, top two teams
    • International round: Honourable Mention
  • Commendation Award in the Singapore International Mathematics Challenge 2018
  • Volunteered at the Meet the People Session weekly since 2018
  • Tutored underprivileged students 
  • Regular volunteer at YMCA
  • Befriender to beneficiaries with mild intellectual disabilities (part of Purple Parade)
  • Organised YMCA Silver Fiesta which promotes healthy ageing
  • Participated in Makan Fellowship 2019 and Outing at Blue Cross
  • School Ambassador in the Outreach Team 

Winnis Lee Xin Rong

  • Awarded the MOE BSP Scholarship
  • Student Correspondent for SPH’s Zaobao
    • Honourable Award for “Evergreen School Correspondent” for 4 consecutive years
  • Reporter for River Valley High School in the Ch 8 Television Series, Tuesday Report: “The School Bell Rings”
  • “The Best Interschool Report” in the Secondary 3 Bicultural Studies Camp in 2016
  • Champion of RV63 Songwriting Competition
  • Attained the Top 10 for the Best Lyrics Award for The Dream Composition (Xin Qing Rong Ji), a regional songwriting competition held by NUS
  • Volunteered as a singer during VIA Activities such as Toh Guan BBC and Play The Moment

Ethan Sun Baizhen

  • MOE Pre-University Scholarship
  • President of the Science Leaders Academy 
    • Director of #startathon Junior and Junior Science Whiz Challenge in 2018 and 2019
    • A*STAR Science Award (JC) & A*STAR Science Award (Upper Secondary)
  • TESLA member
    • Volunteered for World Water Day and Share to Care
  • Volunteered for World Wildlife Fund

Yong Jie Ning

  • Member of TESLA’s Geography Talent Programme - The Environmental Literacy, Social Sciences Techniques And Research
    • Merit Award for Challenge for the Urban and Built Environment 2018 
  • Awarded the Super Global High School Award for Community Outreach and Multidisciplinary Education at the Water is Life Conference 2018 in Tokyo
  • Awarded the Ministry of Education Pre-University Scholarship in 2018 and Ministry of Education Daisy Phay Foundation Bursary in 2018
  • President of the Humanities and Social Sciences Leaders Academy (HSSLA) in 2019
    • Rolled out various initiatives such as the A.C.E (Analyse, Connect, Explore) trail (put this first before TESLA)
  • Facilitator for Y.LEAD Seminar and Pre-University Seminar
  • Appointed Cadet Inspector in NPCC in 2018
  • Co-organised heARTland event at the Bukit Batok East Toh Guan
  • Share-to-Care project: Headed the publicity and volunteer management committee in 2019

Joanne Tan Hui En

  • Captain of Floorball
    • 1st Runner-up in 2019 ‘A’ Division National Floorball Championships
  • Undertook a research project organised by TESLA and was mentored by an NIE Geography researcher
  • Gold Award for Poster Presentation and the 1st Runner-up of Suntory Award for Project Innovation and Sustainability at the Water Is Life International Conference 2019 in Japan
  • Photography work selected as part of Shooting Home Youth Awards 2018 and featured in month-long exhibition at Library@Orchard
  • Vice Chairperson of Blood Donation Drive 2018

Dang Chee Wen

  • Wrote and produced original songs for Y.LEAD 2018 and Pre-University Seminar 2018
  • Top 16 Finalist in the 2018 SYF song writing competition
  • Arranged a medley of original songs written by current and former students for RV’s 63rd anniversary celebration
  • Arranged the song 立化忆a gift from the 2019 graduating batch
  • Inspired and motivated fellow Pre-University Seminar participants in theme song writing and subsequent performance 
  • JC1 Orientation Group Leader