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2021 GCE A-Level Results

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We are proud of our 436 students who sat for the 2021 GCE A-Level Examination! We would like to congratulate them for continuing to exemplify our school’s values and spirit. They have achieved stellar results at the 2021 GCE A-Level examinations. In summary,

  • 97.7% of the cohort scored at least 3 H2 passes including a pass in General Paper. 
  • 66 students achieved at least 6 distinctions, with more than 1 in 3 (35%) students achieving at least three H2 distinctions.
  • 38 students scored a perfect University Admissions Scores (UAS) of 90 rank points. More than 2 in 5 students scored at least 85 rank points.

The school would like to thank and acknowledge everyone who has contributed to the success of our graduates. They include our School Leaders, staff who have taught or assisted the students, School Advisory Committee, Alumni, Parent-Teacher Association, and parents/guardians of all RVHS graduates.

We would like to highlight the achievements of the following 2021 graduates who made a positive impact on the school community and beyond. 

D H Nethma Dewmini 

A dedicated and empathetic volunteer in the community

290 VIA hours
VIA Leader (2020-2021) 
- Spearheaded the planning and organisation of various class
  • - Initiated ground-up VIA projects, including Project Beyond in 2021, in collaboration with Boon Lay Youth Network (BLYN).
Chairperson of Project Beyond committee under Boon Lay CC 
Regularly visited and provided emotional support to the elderly through Heartware Network's Support Our Pioneers programme in 2021
Active volunteer at the non-profit organisation Youth Listener, where she provided a listening ear virtually to youths from all around the world.

Lee Yan Qing

A leader in every sense of the word

President’s Guide Award 2019
Company Leader for Girl Guides 2019
Young Adult Leader for Girl Guides 2020

President of History and Current Affairs Society 2021

Vice-Chairperson of Y.LEAD Seminar 2020

Vice-President of Photography Club

Jarell Liaw Jun Yi

A resilient sportsman who doesn't tai-chi his way out of adversities

Wushu Captain 2020-2021
Broke his leg just before 2019 NSG, but he came back strongly to compete again in 2021
NSG A Division Wushu Championships 2021
- 1st International 42-style Taijiquan - 4th
- 1st International 42-style Taiji Sword - 4th
Overall Team 4th
- Won 3 gold medals at NSG Wushu Championships 2017 and 2018

Goh Jing Xuan

Brave and determined at home and in school

Challenging circumstances at home
Started tutoring primary school students when she was in Sec 3
Volunteered bi-weekly with the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore
Worked as a retail associate for World Wildlife Fund, student care teacher and as an administrator at a tuition center
President of Bicultural Leaders Academy (BLA) from 2020 to 2021
Vice-President of the Aesthetics Council in 2019

Mao Ruijie

An exemplary student leader who leads by example

President of CLDDS (Calligraphy Wing)
-  National Youth Calligraphy Competition

Vice President of Students’ Council
Media Committee Head of Aesthetics Council
- Aesthetics Camp

- Taught the elderly calligraphy at Taman Jurong CC
- Reading Buddy Programme

Dawn Chia Ning

A triple-humanities student who leads from the heart

National Cadet Corps
- Assistant Sergeant Major

RV Photography Club member

- Volunteered at Limbang Meet-the-People sessions
- Volunteered for the Boon Lay Kids Read
- Dialogue with MPs 

Chua Yao Xuan

A mathematical (and beautiful) mind! 

President of Mathematics Leaders Academy
- International Mathematics Modelling Challenge (Singapore) 2020 & 2021: Distinction
- Singapore Statistics Competition (Sec) 2019: 2nd
- Designing with TI Graphing Calculators Competition 2020: Bronze

Passion for Computer Science
- Taught her MLA juniors the basics of Python programming and Mathematical analysis
- Proactively sought opportunities offered by external organisations to learn beyond the syllabus
- Took part in cybersecurity challenges 

Lim Sing Wei

An academically curious & self-directed learner (and an impressive origamist)

President of Science Leaders Academy
- Director of the Junior Science Whiz Challenge and Startathon Junior
- Participated in research programmes and competitions

Concert Band member
- Due to limitations placed on the number of percussionists, Sing Wei had to play multiple instruments throughout most of the SYF competition piece.

- Member of the Limbang Constituency’s ACE Tuition Programme, tutored needy students.
- Volunteered at  a children’s science camp, organised in conjunction with NTU CN Yang Scholars’ Club. 

Ng Rui Kyi

A cheerful and motivated student who runs very fast!

Vice-President of The Eco-Sustainability Leadership Academy
- Volunteered at Waterways Watch Society to clean up the reservoir

- Volunteered at the Chingay Parade in 2020 as part of the Hospitality team. 
- Member of the Youth Corps Singapore
  Organised KidsFun Online to engage primary school pupils

Seow Mei En

An all-rounder humanist who volunteers actively

President of the Humanities and Social Sciences Leaders Academy (HSSLA)
- Initiated a first-ever collaboration between HSSLA and TESLA to organise two webinars on Eco-sustainability and the Arts with over 100 participants.
- Represented the school to engage in a discussion with curators from the National Gallery Singapore 

- Founded a “Dreamworks Initiative” together with her friends that collaborates with Children’s Wishing Well
- Volunteered for several programmes: Kidsread Programme, recycling project, sports event, Bukit Batok Youth Network, and Movement for the Mentally Disabled of Singapore

Executive Committee Member of the Dance Society