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2018 Scholarship Recipients

President's Scholarship

Stefan Liew Jing Rui 

Liew Jing Rui Stefan_small.jpgRiver Valley High School is proud to announce that Stefan Liew Jing Rui (Class of 2017) has been awarded the President’s Scholarship. The President’s Scholarship, awarded to the most deserving PSC (Public Service Commission) Scholarship recipients, is the most prestigious scholarship awarded in Singapore. Recipients are selected by the Commission for their character, leadership potential, as well as their outstanding academic and co-curricular achievements. Stefan truly exemplifies our school values as he continues to pursue excellence while remaining resilient, and proactively serves the community with empathy and kindness. 

Throughout his time in RVHS, Stefan was heavily involved in the Student Council, the Science Leaders’ Academy, and various other activities. Stefan’s time as the President of the Student Council (2016-2017) saw him helm many school-wide events and initiatives. He was also an executive committee member of the Science Leaders’ Academy in 2016. His research project under the Science Mentorship Programme organised by the Ministry of Education was awarded the GlaxoSmithKline Sustainability Researcher Merit Award in 2016. His exceptional performance led to his representing Singapore for the MOE Overseas Student Attachment Programme in Gottingen, Germany. 

Stefan also takes a keen interest in national affairs. He was a member of the National Education Council, where he actively engaged in meaningful exchanges on issues of national concern. Despite his busy schedule, Stefan still found time to contribute to society through volunteering regularly at the Buona Vista Community Club, where he tutored underprivileged Primary School students in Mathematics. He was keen to share his knowledge with the students, and always demonstrated patience in guiding them. These experiences developed him as a civic-minded citizen, with a strong understanding of the needs of our community. 

Stefan has remained humble in spite of all his achievements. As the valedictorian of the Class of 2017, Stefan reminds RVians that ‘education is a privilege that we frequently take for granted, a blessing that is denied to many, but the most important weapon to fight inequality and injustice’.  He is currently pursuing his liberal arts degree at Yale-NUS College in Singapore. 

We would like to congratulate Stefan and his family, as well as all teachers and friends who have been a part of his six-year journey in RVHS. 

Singapore Police Force Scholarship

SStefan_Liew.jpgtefan Liew Jing Rui

Singapore Armed Forces Overseas Scholarship

EEugene_chia.jpgugene Chia Guole

Public Service Commission Scholarship

Jocelyn Wong
Tan Seet Ynn
Tseng Fan Shuen
Stefan Liew Jing Rui
Nicolle Ng Hui Min
Eugene Chia Guole

Ministry of Defence Scholarship


Eugene Chia Guole

Anson Woo Wing Hung

Andy Koh Jun Hoong

Ministry of Transport Scholarship

MOT_scholars.jpgTan Seet Ynn
Kenneth Pang Chong Zheng
Alyna Khoo Yi Jie
Tan Ning Xuan 

Ministry of Health Scholarship

Ng Wei Qing
Lim Wei Liang
Yaw Qin Ping
Ong Qian Ying
Tiong Ung Sing
Claudia Loh Hwee Tze
Gan Jia Yi 

Ministry of National Development Scholarship

Bernice Lim Si Min
Tan  Yi  Shiuan 

Singapore-Industry Scholarship

Lim Yu Cheng
Sean Chan Hin
Sherman Ng Wei Sheng
Wang Weihan
Lum Wei Boon

Ministry of Education Teaching Scholarship

AnMOE_Scholars.jpgdrea Tan Li Yao
Tricia Chan Tze Cheng
Neo Wen Xin
Lee Wen Jie
Koh Hong Kai
Geradine Tan Rou Jing

A*STAR Scholarship

Lim Yuhua
Liu Yincheng
Nobel Ang 

Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations Scholarships

Chinese_Clan.jpgLim Ying Hui  (Fudan University)
Huang Lijing (Fudan University)
Debble Chew Yannie (Peking University)