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Find out more about our vibrant school life and the holistic education RVians receive!

  • CID4 插颜观色(28 02)
    A CID4 production on the importance of illustrations in Singapore and it was featured in 8world.

  • 新加坡华文电影 CID4 2022
    Our CID4 students' production on the Chinese film industry in Singapore and it was featured in 8world.

  • CID 4 + 小贩文化 八视界)
    Documentary on the Singapore hawker culture and its future development done by our students and it was featured in 8world.

  • 组屋 归属感 CID4 2022
    Our Students in the CID4 Chinese modeule did a documentary on the history of HDB housing and it was featured in 8world.

  • 本土文学 CID4 2022
    Our Students in the CID4 Chinese module raised awareness of local Chinese Literature and it was featured in 8world.

  • RV65 Heritage Video
    Journey with us as we take a look at RV's rich history.

  • 立化情
    Embark on a 6-year journey with us.

  • 2020 Secondary 1 Orientation
    Welcome to the RV family!

  • Y.LEAD 2019
    Hone your leadership skills at our Secondary 3 student leadership development seminar.

  • 立化忆
    Forge memorable moments with your batchmates!

  • RV Song Medley
    Listen to these melodic compositions by our very own talented RVians.

  • Secondary 2 SAP Trip
    Develop your bicultural acumen during the Secondary 2 SAP trip to China.

  • 立化中秋2019
    Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with us, you will be over the moon to see the likes of Chang-Er and savour the mooncakes!

  • CID4 module
    Explore the dying trades in Singapore through our students' production for their Construct, Integrate, Differentiate (CID) module, a signature academic programme which allows them to integrate their knowledge from various disciplines.

  • Y.LEAD 2022 Montage
    Here's the camp montage for Y.LEAD 2022!


Let's take a look at our school facilities!