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2020 DSA FAQs

2020 RV Secondary One Direct School Admission Exercise



With the current Circuit Breaker measures, how will you carry out the DSA qualifying rounds and selection? Will there be changes in the timeline and application procedure?

At application phase, past achievements, competition involvement and academic requirements will be taken into consideration for short-listing. Please refer to our website for updates after MOE commences the 2020 DSA Application Exercise.

All applications must be completed via the 2020 MOE DSA-Sec Portal by 5 June 2020 (3 pm).

What documents do I need to submit together with the application form?

Please refer to the instructions for the relevant application platform. You may attach relevant documents (eg. certificates of achievement) which illustrate the level of competence in the selected talent area.

When will I know if I have been shortlisted for the test / audition / trial / interview?

All applicants will be informed if they have been shortlisted for e-conferencing and be provided with the details from end June.

When will I know if I have been offered a place?

All shortlisted applicants will be notified of the outcome of their applications in August 2020.

I received more than one DSA offer. When must I decide which to accept?

You will have to indicate your preferences in ranked order for up to three schools during the Exercise School Preference Stage.

What is the minimum score needed to be shortlisted for DSA trial / audition?

Does RV only accept DSA students with grade As in all subjects?


The DSA scheme provides students with an alternative route to gain admission to RVHS. All applicants will be assessed for their talents and ability to cope with the IP curriculum.

Must my child obtain a good grade for Chinese Language so as to be considered for shortlisting?

As a SAP school that believes in bilingualism, all our students will offer the GCE ‘O’ Level Higher Chinese Language (HCL) in Secondary 4. As such, our prospective Secondary 1 DSA applicants’ performance in the Chinese Language needs to affirm that they have the aptitude to cope with the rigour of HCL.

Does my child need to take Higher Chinese Language in primary school in order to apply for a place in RV?

Higher Chinese Language (HCL) is not a prerequisite for admission to RVHS. However, when your child is enrolled in our school, he must offer HCL.

Must my child’s PSLE T-Score fall within a specific range even if he receives a Confirmed Offer from your school?

Your child must qualify for the Express stream.



Where can I find the list of CCAs for DSA 2020? Is it the same as the 2019 list found in the website?

The new list of CCAs for DSA 2020 will be put up after MOE’s release of DSA information.

Is there a DSA quota for each CCA or on the whole?

There is no fixed quota. The objective of DSA is to identify talent, taking into consideration the student’s interest and long term development potential.

Are there CCAs which are more popular and see a higher number of DSA applicants?

No, there is no discernible trend.

If my child gets in through DSA, must my child join the CCA for 6 years? What if his interest changes?

Yes, your child must remain in the same CCA so that we can develop his/her full potential over six years. 

If choice of CCA is important, then your child should avoid applying for entry via DSA as there are conditions attached.

Would my daughter be at a disadvantage during the DSA exercise if she is not a Singaporean?

Your child’s nationality does not matter in the DSA exercise. Our assessment is based on talents and ability to cope with the rigour of an IP school.

What kinds of documents must we provide for DSA coding category?

Documents that reflect past achievements, competition achievement and competencies are to be submitted at the application phase.

What is the assessment criteria for Scientific Investigation?

Candidates should have attained a high level of proficiency in scientific research or displayed the ability to engage in innovation problem-solving at the national level.

Students will be assessed on their natural curiosity in Science through their performance in science inquiry tasks.

DSA enquiries on Performing Arts CCAs

If my child has learnt only ballet and not other dance forms, and has been in the dance team but quit ballet in P6 due to the heavy workload, can she still apply for dance DSA?

Yes, having ballet or any dance skills would be an advantage. In RV Dance society, our dancers learn both Chinese and modern contemporary dance. All dancers would have to learn both genres, they cannot choose which genre they want to learn.

My child is in Hip Hop in primary school, can my child apply for DSA dance?


Yes, having any dance skills would be an advantage but please note that in RV Dance society, the dancers do not engage in hip hop or street dance at the secondary level. Street Dance CCA is offered at the JC levels.

What qualities are you looking for in a student applying for Concert Band or Chinese Orchestra? Is there a particular instrument you will give preference to for DSA? For example, is the CCA short of certain instrument players so more priority will be given to these students?

The school looks at a student’s musicality, which is the ability to perceive and reproduce differences in the aspects of music including pitch, rhythm, and harmony. Basically it is the ability to be able to reproduce music in addition to creating music (musical creativity).

At the application phase, past achievements, competition involvement and academic requirements will be taken into consideration for short-listing.

For Chinese Orchestra, the school will consider all musical instruments excluding guzheng and violin.

For Concert Band, the school will consider all musical instruments excluding piano and violin.

If my child has public speaking experience, should he/she apply for English Language Debate or English Drama?


What competencies are you looking for when it comes to debates? 

It depends on your child’s interest and talents/competencies.

Both of them require your child to have a strong command of the language, confidence in public speaking, passion for the language and the ability to analyse facts and present spontaneously.


DSA enquiries on Sports CCAs

Will my child be guaranteed a place in the school team if he comes in via DSA?

The school team is selected only prior to the team registration for the National School Games.


Generally, most DSA students qualify for the school team due to their talent, ability and sustained commitment to training.

​My child does not have any achievements. Will he/she still be selected? He/She was supposed to go for a competition this year but due to the Circuit Breaker measures, the competition was postponed.

We are aware that students are unable to produce proof of their achievements this year because of the Circuit Breaker measures. Please refer to our website for updates after MOE commences the 2020 DSA Application Exercise.

General enquiries on Co-Curricular Activities

Can my child take up more than one CCA?

Students who can cope with the school’s academic and DSA demands may take on up to two CCAs. We have DSA students who have demonstrated the ability to handle a diverse range of commitments in CCAs and academies.

How many training sessions are there per week and how long is each session?


Sports CCAs have three training sessions per week. Generally, training sessions are held on Tuesdays, Fridays and one other weekday. Each training session is 3 hours long, from 3pm to 6pm. 


Performing Arts CCAs are held on Tuesdays and Fridays, except for Chorale which conducts CCA on Wednesdays and Fridays. More practices are arranged only when there is a need to prepare for a competition or a performance. In such instances, parents and students will be notified at least two weeks in advance.

Students’ well-being is our priority, hence during post-season and end-of-year examination period, CCA Sessions will be phased down.

What opportunities are given to students in the performing arts CCAs?

Besides the biennial SYF performances, students in the performing arts CCA have many platforms to perform such as our annual month-long Arts Fest and our termly outdoor event “Rhapsody”. In addition, the Performing Arts CCAs perform in many internal and external school events ranging from Honours Day to performances at the Istana.

Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, they also get to take part in competitions and when they are at their apex, they may be sent for external MOE courses such as the conductor’s course, to hone their skills.

Academic Enquiries

If my child is not able to cope with the Integrated Programme after the 1st year, what other options are there for my child?

What is the drop-out rate?

As a school, we provide our fullest support to our students. This environment comprises the form teachers, subject teachers and Year Master, and they monitor students' progress and decide on a remediation programme to help students when necessary. Coupled with strong home-school partnership, we are confident of helping our students to do well in the GCE A Level Examinations. Students who asked to leave RV typically do so because they want to pursue a course that is not offered in the A Level curriculum.

Note: DSA students are not eligible to transfer to other secondary or IP schools after acceptance of the Confirmed Offer.

Will my child be left with only a PSLE certificate if he is unable to finish the 6-year programme?



IP students obtain an IP Certificate which is jointly issued by MOE and SEAB to reflect their performance. This will enable them to pursue a different track offered at the polytechnic.

Note: DSA students are not eligible to transfer to other secondary or IP schools after acceptance of the Confirmed Offer.

Is there any promotion criteria from Sec 1 to J2?

Just like any other school, there is a set of promotion criteria that students need to meet in order to be promoted to the next level.  

General enquiries about RV

What are the school hours like in RV?

School starts at 7.45 am each morning from Tuesday to Friday, and we start at 8.45 am on Mondays. Lessons usually end at about 2.30pm, depending on which level and the students’ subject combination.

On some afternoons, students may attend supplementary classes or enrichment programmes.

How much fees do students pay monthly?

For 2020 Secondary:

SG Citizens $28

PR $403

IS (ASEAN) $803

IS (non-ASEAN) $1423


For 2020 JC:

SG Citizens $36

PR $490

IS (ASEAN) $1070

IS (non-ASEAN) $1780

When will the next on-site open house be held?


There is usually an Information Session held after the release of PSLE results so that parents and students can make an informed choice.

Admission into RVIP

Will students taking Higher Chinese Language have an advantage in getting into RV?

Students who take HCL in the PSLE examination will be eligible for bonus points that will count towards their overall score.

What is the cut-off point to be admitted into RV?


What is the aggregate score for this year?

The cut-off point for the 2020 Secondary 1 students is 253. The PSLE aggregate range for schools is not pre-determined by MOE or schools before posting. Each school’s eventual PSLE cut-off point for that year depends on students’ PSLE results, the cohort size and their school choices during the Secondary 1 Posting Exercise. The previous year's cut-off point only serves as an approximate guide.

As such, it is not possible for us to commit to a fixed cut-off point.

Does RV accept transfer students from other schools?


Parents can call the school at the end of the academic year to check if there are any vacancies. If there are, parents can apply and the student will sit for the aptitude tests.

How many Secondary 1 students do you admit every year?

The cohort size varies every year. Due to a shrinking population, there is a reduction in the number of students being admitted to RV. In  2020, we have nine Secondary One Classes.