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Education & Career Guidance (ECG)

What is Education & Career Guidance (ECG)?

  1. To equip you with the necessary attitudes, values, skills & knowledge to explore, plan & manage your educational & career pathways
  2. To help you nurture self-awareness and self-directedness for lifelong learning
  3. To help you develop a growth mindset, adaptability and a resilient attitude to embrace future opportunities and appreciate the value of all occupations

RVHS ECG Website

The RVHS ECG website has been designed to give students and parents access to information on a variety of subjects such as local and overseas universities admissions, scholarships and internship opportunities. There is also a page that allows students and parents to direct questions to the RV ECG team.

The RV ECG Website can be found here: https://go.gov.sg/ecgrvhs

ECG Website screenshot.PNG