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Grooming and Attire



  • Short, neat and tidy hairstyle with natural colour. 
  • Hair at the back should not touch the shirt collar. There must be a distinct and gradual slope.
  • Hair at the front must be above eyebrows. When combed downwards, it should not cover the eyes.
  • Hair at the crown must not be too thick or bushy.
  • Hair at the sides must not touch the ears. Side-burns are not allowed.
  • No outlandish hairstyle.
  • No tinting, dyeing, highlighting or perming of hair
  • No ear-studs/sticks are allowed.
  • Facial hair such as a moustache or a beard is not allowed. The face is to be clean-shaven.
  • Fingernails should be short and unvarnished.
  • Short, neat and tidy hairstyle with natural colour.
  • Hair at the back should not touch the shirt collar. 
  • Hair in front must not cover the eyes.
  • Long hair of should length or longer must be tied up neatly with simple hair accessories that are black or dark brown in colour.
  • No outlandish hairstyle.
  • No tinting, dyeing, highlighting or perming of hair.
  • Only one-pair of gold or silver ear-studs is allowed. The diameter should not be more than 2mm
  • Fingernails should be short and unvarnished.
  • Cosmetics or make-up are not allowed.
  • Tinted contact lenses are not to be worn to school.
  • No accessories can be worn to school except a functonal watch.

School Uniform

  • The school uniform is to be worn in a dignified manner that befits a RVian.
  • Every senior student from Year 4 to 6 should wear a collar badge.
  • All students must be properly attired when sitting for any test or examination. Students with poor grooming or improper attire may not be allowed to sit for the paper.
  • Students who are not properly attired may be asked to go home to change into the appropriate attire.
  • No modification to the school uniform is allowed.
  • The formal attire - blazer and tie is to be worn at school functions or external prize presentations, as required by the School.

CCA Attire

Only approved CCA attire or PE attire is allowed on CCA days as well as Friday each week.

PE Attire

All students are allowed to come to school in PE attire (T-shirt with blue skirt/white pants) if they have PE lessons that day. They must not come into school wearing blue shorts; they must wear blue skirts or white pants.
Students are not to turn up for flag-raising in T-shirt and blue shorts. They should be wearing T-shirts with blue skirts or white pants if they have PElessons that day. It is a mark of respect to our nation to be properly attired for the flag-raising ceremony.
Students coming in early for morning exercises should give themselves enough time to change into the regular school uniform before the flag-raising ceremony. They should not wear PE attire during morning assembly. 
The school PE T-shirt and shorts are to be worn during PE lessons only.  Students must change into their regular school uniform during the first available break.


  • Approved Sweaters: only Dark navy blue or white are allowed.
  • White socks and white canvas shoes or track shoes that are predominantly white are allowed. Shoe laces must be white in colour.
  • White socks must be visible when worn with shoes.
  • Sandals (with straps) may be worn with doctor’s certification only if the student is suffering from foot/ankle injury. Students with a medical condition must request for permission to wear the alternative footwear.
  • Slippers are not to be worn.