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CID Programme

The Construct, Integrate and Differentiate (CID) Programme is one of the flagship programmes of our Cognitive and Interest Development Curriculum. It seeks to nurture future ready learners and aims to (1) promote active and independent learning, (2) develop cognitive interest and (3) develop cross-curricular competencies.

CID is designed as a four-year programme that provides RV students with opportunities to construct their learning by integrating knowledge from various disciplines and apply their learning to real-life situations.

CID1 students trying out their VUCA games.JPG
CID2 students conducting a street interview in China.JPG
CID1 Students trying out their VUCA games
CID2 students conducting a street
interview in China

Brainstorming during CID lesson at the Whitespace.JPG

Cross-cultural sharing during a school immersion in China (2).JPG

Brainstorming during CID lesson at the             Whitespace   
Cross-cultural sharing during a 
school immersion in China 






The Foundation module introduces students to the Habits of Mind, Paul's Wheel of Reasoning and the Universal Intellectual Standards.


Comparative Studies

Students apply their research skills and explore different facets of China. During an overseas experiential learning programme (OELP) trip to China, they experience first-hand China’s culture, language, and economic and political developments.


Creative Problem Solving

Students apply problem-solving skills to a real life problem in this module. Students will also get to choose to attend one of five master classes that teaches relevant technical skills such as application coding, designing and prototyping.   


Nurturing Talents and Interests

Self-directed learning takes centre stage as students explore a field of their choice in greater depth to create value for the community.