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Civic Literacy and Global Awareness Development

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The civic literacy and global perspective required of the workplace today is paramount in the successful acquisition of cultural knowledge and fluency. Through a variety of platforms such as Values-In-Action (VIA), Overseas Values-in-Action Programme (OVIA), Overseas Experiential Learning Programme (OELP), and the Appreciation of Chinese Culture Programme (ACC), the students’ appreciation and understanding of their own community and that of other countries are greatly enhanced.

We teach our students to be aware of community and national issues and to play their part to improve the community and nation. By being engaged in the local community, they learn the appropriate skills and behaviour to lead and work with people from a diverse range of socio-cultural and religious backgrounds within Singapore. This learning is extended when they visit other countries, learning more about other cultures as well as gaining new perspectives of Singapore.

Every year, students can choose from trips to many destinations, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, China, South Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia. As a Special Assistance Plan school, Chinese culture constitutes a key area of focus for RVHS students to become familiar with.

RVHS also regularly hosts visitors from overseas institutions. This provides RVians with many opportunities to host and interact with international visitors, and also extends their network of friends to the international community.