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Cognitive-Interest Development

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RVHS' Cognitive-Interest Development Curriculum (CIDC) is designed based on the Attitude, Skills, Knowledge learning culture and is implemented with the Teaching for Understanding (TfU) framework from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In maintaining RVHS' high level of performance in scholarly pursuits, students develop their cognitive capabilities in an environment that is intellectually stimulating, authentic and challenging to stretch every student to the fullest potential, especially in the acquisition and application of critical and creative thinking. With a firm foundation in 21st century competencies and development pathways to higher levels of achievement offered by the academies and competititve platforms, students experience a robust academic curriculum that push them to the limits.

Attitude, Skills, Knowledge

Students are given opportunities to develop the right attitude when confronted with problems with no immediate answers. They also acquire critical thinking skills that help them to solve complex problems and be more prepared for future challenges. Our students learn not just to acquire knowledge, but also to construct knowledge by showing a thoughtful understanding of the connections between various disciplines, and an ability to transfer their learning to address similar problems beyond the classroom. 

Teaching for Understanding

The TfU framework keeps the focus of educational practice on developing student understanding. The design of RV's Cognitive-Interest Development Curriculum is based on the TfU framework and teachers collaborate with experts from the Harvard Graduate School of Education to develop, test and refine our pedagogies for effective teaching.

RV Flagship Programmes

The Special Assistance Plan (SAP) and Construct, Integrate and Differentiate (CID) programmes are signature CIDC programmes at RVHS that equip our students' with important critical and creative thinking skills in order for them to thrive in a future world.

Special Assistance Plan Programme (SAP) 
As an SAP school with a mission to develop in students a deeper appreciation of Chinese language, culture, traditions, and values, while embracing multicultural diversity and perspectives, students are immersed in flagship programmes to appreciate Chinese culture and values, develop their proficiency in the Chinese language and cross-cultural skills and global awareness.
Read more about RV's SAP Programme here.

Construct, Integrate and Differentiate (CID)
CID aims to promote independent and active learning. It provides our students with opportunities to construct their learning by integrating knowledge from various disciplines by using modes of inquiry appropriate to the subject. Through CID, students explore connections, and critically and creatively apply their learning to real-life situations. The process of learning enhances students' attitudes (Habits of Mind and dispositions of thinking) abd skills (collaboration, communication, critical and creative thinking, and research) to prepare them for lifelong learning and future challenges.