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Leadership-Character Development

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As a Special Assistance Plan school, RVHS places a strong emphasis on traditional Chinese values such as respect, appreciation, gratitude and contribution to society. As high potential students who will eventually lead on national and corporate platforms, the expectation is that RVians should demonstrate personal leadership and place people at the heart of what they do and serve with empathy.

We believe in nurturing leaders of distinction who possess sound character to serve the community and country. The Leadership and Character Development curriculum is anchored on in developing students to be resilient and overcome challenges whilst at the same time, be perceptive and critical in assessing information. The curriculum also seeks to develop students to be informed, concerned and participative citizens.

In addition, to develop leaders of distinction for Singapore, the leadership development component of the curriculum incorporates leadership skills which are grounded in sound moral values. It is developmental and every RVian will have the opportunity to take up the mantle of leadership.

Student Leadership Development Academy

The Student Leadership Development Academy (SLDA) aims to nurture values-based leaders who are committed to serve the community and nation.

At the personal leadership tier, we develop RVians to be proactive and responsible individuals. They will learn to be responsible for their actions as well as to manage their emotions. All Secondary 1 students undergo Personal Leadership Programme where they acquire the right habits to be an effective individual and apply their learning to solve real-life problems through perspective taking and empathy.

At the Team and Community Leadership levels, students take up appointments and responsibilities in their various CCAs, Councils and Academies. The RV student leaders have a myriad of opportunities to serve, be empowered and to inspire RVians through different areas of interests and platforms. Students positively influence others, are proactive in addressing community needs, and show interest in national and global issues. They will also have opportunities to engage and interact with other student leaders, local and overseas.

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)

The RV CCE curriculum aims to inculcate good values and develop social-emotional competencies alongside the social, national, cultural, and moral consciousness of the students.

RV recognises that our students will be facing a rapidly changing and uncertain world driven by globalisation, changing demographics, and technological advancements. Through various interactive, student-centric, and collaborative lessons, the CCE curriculum aims to equip our students with the socio-emotional and 21st century competencies necessary for not just facing these challenges, but also seizing the opportunities brought about by these forces.

Students will also undergo participate in a variety of programmes such as learning journeys, National Education commemorative events, interactive theatre and performances. These programmes seek to not only inculcate in students a sense of pride in our national identity and a sense of belonging to Singapore, but also improve their understanding of how they can contribute towards the sustained development of Singapore. This will empower our students to develop into responsible, moral citizens who contribute actively to a cohesive and inclusive society.

Values-in-Action (VIA)

The RV VIA programme focuses on inculcating in students an awareness of issues surrounding them and exercisinge social responsibility in their spheres of influence. It aims to develop students through the six domains of Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) which are: Self, Family, School, Community, Nation and World. Through the VIA project cycle, students will learn to investigate areas of concerns, empathise with others, implement their plans to create value in the community they live in and play their part through meaningful contributions to the community.

RV Signature Programmes

At RV, we believe in creating authentic learning experiences in order to nurture in students the attitudes, skills and knowledge that are required for their mastery of the 21st century competencies. Our RV Signature Programmes provide students with authentic learning experiences for them to practise leading, at the personal, team or school level, so that they can become future-ready leaders with strong moral compasses. 

The Y.LEAD Seminar
Y.LEAD is an acronym for “Youth. Leverage Educate Actuate Develop”. The seminar is a platform for local and international participants aged between 15 and 17 to acquire a heightened awareness of global social challenges, an understanding of values-based leadership and a useful set of leadership skills. The objective of the seminar is to empower youths to become future leaders who can make a positive change to society. Find more about RV's Y.LEAD Seminar here.

RV Model United Nations (RVMUN)
RVMUN prides itself on youth empowerment by equipping them with knowledge and skills in order to understand and address the intricacies and complexities of the world of current affairs and international relations. RVMUN aims to provide delegates with the essential and critical insight into global issues, and foster a sense of responsibility and integrity in addressing and finding solutions to these challenges.Find more about RVMUN here.