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Co-Curricular Activities Curriculum

River Valley High School’s Co-curricular Activities Curriculum is designed to develop RVians’ myriad talents and passion. Our consistently high-performing co-curricular activities groups allow RVians’ talent and potential to be developed to their fullest. This will encourage RVians to develop a lifelong interest and passion that will aid them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Apart from building up RVians’ physical fitness and agility through the training and practice sessions, co-curricular activities are also a good platform for students to become effective team players, express their creativity and hone their leadership skills. These qualities and skills will position them well to excel in life and at work in the future.
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CCAs Offered in RV

Physical Sports:

Badminton, Basketball (Boys), Cross Country#, Floorball (Girls), Football* (Boys), Netball,

Softball (Girls), Wushu, Table Tennis, Volleyball (Girls), Wushu, Ultimate Frisbee*

Uniformed Groups:

Girl Guides, National Cadet Corps, National Police Cadet Corps, Scouts, St. John Brigade, Venture Scouts*

Visual and Performing Arts:

Chinese Literary, Drama and Debate Society (CLDDS), Chinese Orchestra, Choir, Concert Band, Dance Society, English Literary, Drama and Debate Society (ELDDS), Guitar Ensemble*, Street Dance*

 Clubs and Societies:

Art Club#, Entrepreneur Club*, Environmental Society*, History & Current Affairs Society*, Infocomm Club, Mind Sports Club*, Photography Club*, Public Address Club*#, Robotics Club*, Service and Citizenship Society*, Singapore Youth Flying Club*^, Student Editorial and Library Club*, Bicultural Leaders Academy#, Humanities and Social Sciences Leaders Academy#, Mathematics Leaders Academy#, Science Leaders Academy#, The Eco-Sustainability Leadership Academy#, Student Leadership Development Academy#



* For JC 1 and 2 students only

# Secondary 1 to 4 students can take this as a second CCA

^ External CCA