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Non-Academic Programme

River Valley High School’s non-academic curriculum empowers students in leadership and character development, equipping them the tools and skills to work with their peers, manage teams and lead with integrity. Through age-appropriate lessons conducted within an authentic context, teachers serve as mentors and coaches for our youths to set their own personal and professional goals.

Student Development Department

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The Student Development Department focuses on the holistic development and welfare of the students. Our aim is to build a culture of care by building positive relationships amongst teachers, between teachers and student, and amongst students. The desired outcomes are that students enjoy coming to school, are engaged in learning and motivated to give of their best. To achieve these goals, Deans and Year Masters collaborate with the school and parents to promote student well-being. They work closely with Form Teachers to ensure students’ holistic development by monitoring students’ progress and identifying concerns related to the level. Through formal meetings and casual chats with students, Year Masters solicit feedback to better understand the needs of students. There is learning support and intervention for specific groups of students who require additional help.  Platforms for bonding activities and teacher-student interaction include the Cohesion Hike for the Senior High students and Sports Carnival for Junior High students.

In addition, Year Masters design monthly professional sharing sessions for Form Teachers. These sessions serve to facilitate discussions on how to enhance Teacher-Student Relationships and promote student well-being by incorporating the principles of Positive Education. These Care and Share sessions equip teachers with competencies for their role in student development too. Year Masters also curate the school’s assembly programme and address students on issues pertaining to their level.

The Student Development Department plays an important role in many of the events throughout the year. The team works closely with the Parent-Teacher Association to plan programmes that support the school’s efforts in developing their children holistically.  It has a voice in many of the school’s key programmes to ensure student-centricity in the decision-making process.  

Education & Career Guidance

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The Education & Career Guidance (ECG) department aims to inspire students to be proactive in the process of exploring different career options, to inculcate in them an appreciation for different occupations and the complex challenges different career paths will hold, as well as appreciate the need to be lifelong learners and add value to their future workplace. Over the years, students participate in career talks and learning journeys to different workplaces. They also conduct interviews with professionals and take part in a comprehensive personality type workshop designed to give them greater awareness of their learning styles and career preferences.  


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The Aesthetics department’s 3E Aesthetics model gives our students the opportunity to be engaged in the Arts by creating and responding to the Arts, to express by actively performing and to be empowered by the Arts, which eventually results in their lifelong involvement in the arts. This framework also works towards building a more vibrant arts culture in the school by creating more platforms for students to be involved in the Arts.

Leadership and Character Development

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The Leadership and Character Development Department nurtures leaders of distinction who possess sterling character to serve the community and country. Through a curriculum that encompasses Character Education, Active Citizenry and Student Leadership, students learn experientially in authentic conditions to be ready for leadership in the community, nation and beyond.

The Character Education programmes focus on holistic development at the personal leadership level. The programmes inculcate good values and develop social-emotional competencies alongside social, national, cultural and moral consciousness of the students.  

Active Citizenry give students opportunities through learning journeys, National Education commemorative events and other activities to cultivate in students a sense of pride and belonging to Singapore that will lead them to contribute towards the sustained development of Singapore. Active Citizenry also educates students on the significance of socio-cultural diversity in Singapore and the importance of social cohesion, racial and religious harmony. Students are also exposed to local and overseas platforms to interact with the community around them through service. It focuses on the application of core values, and also inculcates in students an appreciation of people, places and environment around them.  

For Student Leadership, students are grounded in values, equipped with leadership skills and competencies through experiential platforms. The Student Council is the apex of student leadership in the school, and it is supported by the various CCA councils in the school. As a whole, they provide a myriad of opportunities for students to lead and excel in different areas of interests through Personal Leadership, Team Leadership and Community Leadership.