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RVHS ICT Programme

The objective of the progamme is to integrate technology into our 21st century learning environment to nurture thinkers, leaders and achievers with global perspectives.
The RVHS ICT experience aims to nurture future ready Singaporeans and equip students with MOE’s 21st Century Competencies. We hope that students will become self-directed and collaborative learners, critical thinkers and be designers of their own learning through new pedagogies presented by ICT.
The benefit of using ICT is that it allows for anytime, anywhere learning, ability to access information for Self-directed and Collaborative Learning whenever required. Through the use of different apps, students are able to choose the type of product they construct to demonstrate their understanding. This is the goal of RV Integrated Programme which is in line with 21st Century Competencies.

ICT Programme

Years 1 to 2
  • Using school-managed shared iPads for specific apps for exploring and understanding subject concepts; for activities that require specific apps for collaborative learning.
  • Complemented by student-owned smart mobile phones for acquisition of online learning resources self-directed and personalised anytime, anywhere learning.
  • Students will be able to complete their online assignments using desktop/laptop at home or in school. They will not be required to use smart mobile devices to complete their online assignments.
  • Needy students may loan out iPad (school managed) for use on personalised learning. Students can tap onto school internet network to access online resources. Students can also tap onto Wireless@SG for internet connection at public area.
Years 3 to 6
  • Students are encouraged to procure a personal laptop of any type and kind to better tackle the requirement of computing usage for higher order learning. (Hybrid laptop is preferred for better integration between work productivity )
  • Students can continue to use smart mobile phones for personalised anytime, anywhere learning.
  • Needy students can apply for subsidised purchase of laptops through NeuPlus programme and also through school FAS scheme.

FAQs on the school ICT experience can be found here.
For more information on the use of ICT for learning, please visit RVHS blog for ICT here.

Cyberwellness @ RV

To emphasize the proper learning usage of computing devices in River Valley High School, iPads and other computing devices are referred to as Personal Learning Devices (PLDs). A series of measures are put in place to inculcate and to remind students of responsible usage.  
PLD Usage Guidelines
The PLD usage guidelines builds upon MOE's R3ICH core values and details how PLD should be use in school. 
PLD Guidelines Posters.jpg

Acceptable Usage Policy
The Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) is an agreement made by the students to adhere to the guidelines for proper PLD usage. There are 2 parts to the AUP - the first part is between the student and the school; the second part is between the student and the parent. The parent-student AUP requires the parent and the student to work out a mutual agreement on what constitutes to acceptable usage of PLD at home. The parent-student AUP is a dynamic agreement and will need to be revised as the student grows. Often than not, the AUP serve as a 'converstion starter' between the student and the parent of PLD usage at home.   
AUP is available for download here.
RVHS Cyberwellness Facebook Page
River Valley High School also maintain a cyberwellness facebook page to put up news and information related to cyberwellness. You can access the facebook page through this URL: